Why everything you thought you ever knew about Scotland is wrong.

Few “nations” have generated as much fake history and counterfeit culture as Scotland has.

There was no such thing as the “clan system”; tartan was invented (actually, the patterns were Flemish) by two Welshmen to please a German; Bonnie Prince Charlie was more Polish than Scottish and was defeated by a British Army comprised largely of Scots; the Stewart dynasty was Anglo-Norman, established post-1066 in Shropshire; William Wallace was, as his name suggests, a Welshman; Edinburgh is now and has always been an Anglo-Saxon city; most Scottish “Highlanders” actually live at sea level; there was no “golden age” of Scottish agriculture before The Clearances; and the 1707 Act of Union was a generous gesture from one nation to its feckless and economically bankrupt neighbour.

Book pitch, contents disclosed on request.

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